Essential Pack

All our packs are customizable, you can add and remove features and options

Why This pack ?
This pack is perfect for small businesses / organisations / persons who want to have a presence on the web for a low price. Good design, professional quality and small price.
What is included in this pack ?
  • A custom unique design, made by a professional according to your needs and requests. (no templates )
  • 5 pages are included. You can add more pages for 19$ / page.
  • You can ask us to update your website's content or it's design 1 time per month.
  • We set up your Web Hosting . We can also order it for you or you may add the hosting option to your pack.
  • We provide many logo templates to choose from, then we customise the one you chose for your website.
  • A secure contact form is added to your website, to keep in touch with your visitors.
  • Facebook features integration (share, like button, recommend button, etc ... )
Price Comparison
Our price : 99$
Our competitor's average price : 350$

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