How we eat up the competition!

How macrofy works
Macrofy structure is composed of the main company in New York and the employees (developers, managers, accountants, commercial agents) spread all around the world, Macrofy takes advantage of the incredible Cloud services expansion to export absolutely everything to it : software, teaming tools, video conference tools, chat, screen sharing, documents, management, support, customer relationship, etc.
No giant expensive office spaces, no tons of software licenses, no geographically limited labor market and a high 24/24 productivity!
And the bonus ? No other company can be more green.

Main advantages

1Cost & quality: thanks to Macrofy's innovative structure and the huge market labors worldwide, we offer the best quality/cost ratio of all our competitors. No matter how the customers project is complex, we always have the most talented programmers and designers for it, simply because we can find the most creative and smart people among the millions of IT professionals worldwide, without according any importance to them location: India, China, North Africa, Europe, South America, USA, South Korea, Japan, etc.

1Productivity: 24/24 service, your project is released fast! As teams are spread all around the world, there is always some developers or designers working on your project. For customers who need a fast project design process, we can set two teams to alternate work, e.g. Team A in China and Team B in North Africa & Europe zone, the time difference does the rest.

1Simplicity: Macrofy has developed a lot of features to simplify your project process.
Once your project is submitted you will have an account with some clear explanations about your project steps : what is the current step, what's next, estimated time, etc. You don't need to care about the project's working flow and its gears, you will deal only with one person: the project manager (always a developer) who coördinates the work with all the team members. An integrated simple message system is available to speak immediately with your project manager, you can also use the live chat or simply call him by phone!

We are absolutely green!
Our staff doesn't need to drive tens of miles to get to work, everybody works from his own office.
The majority of software and tools are grouped in the cloud, it allows us to make some significant energy savings.
We deliver our Green Certificate for all applications and websites we develop.