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Please write as many details as you can, a developer will contact you, will discuss your project with you and propose the best price possible


Why Macrofy ?

  • okQuality: we are iphone applications specialists, we like iOS and we try to bring to every app its piece of innovation. Every application we develop is a showcase of our work quality and skills, we always keep this in mind while we're working on your project.
  • okPrice: Let's be clear about it : you will never find another agency that provides the same high quality apps for cheaper costs than ours. Our unique company business model allows us to create a specific international developers team for each project, and believe us, no other media company in the world can say the same thing.
  • okUser Experience Design: our focus goes essentially to how to make the interface simple and neat, the user should be able to accomplish any task in your app intuitively and
    quickly, this is what turns a simple application into an addictive and useful one.
  • okFlexibility: no matter how your app becomes popular, we can always provide the necessary maintenance, updates and improvements. We can even specialize a team only for your project, we have the chance to be able to increase quickly our staff and adapt it to our customers needs in days.

How your app will be developed ?

  • developing
  • Contact: no marketing staff, we believe that speaking with the people who will work on your project is much more constructive, you will be contacted (and you can contact) a professional developer who knows what he's talking about, he will give you technical advice, answers and suggestions for Free
  • Sketching: the team will draw some sketches and discuss them with you, then tweaking them until it fit exactly your requirements. At this step you will have a clear idea of what your app will look like.
  • ios app sketch
  • developing
  • Developing: time for hard work! The team will go through all the technical steps to create your app : conception, implementation, testing, etc. During this step, you can keep
    checking the latest updates through your customer interface.

Latest iOS app project

We worked on the "What is this" app project for a French customer.

This project illustrates perfectly the Macrofy's polyvalence, we created sketches, the customer approved them, then we worked on the app, the design, the servers settings and wrote the necessary scripts to make the app works properly over the networks.

In 10 days the app was ready and submitted to the app store.

What we did :

  • - App sketches
  • - App code writing
  • - Server setting up
  • - Server-side code writing
  • - Push notifications settings and code
  • - Opening accounts in adMob and iAd ads services
  • - Adding the ads to the app
  • - Beta testing the app with many users
  • - Creating the apple accounts for the customer and submitting the app
  • - We moderate the app and we keep tracking any eventual problems